Children's Book Review: Dottie Dolphin Plays Hide and Seek

Beginning readers will love Dottie and her friends.

Title: Dottie Dolphin Plays Hide and Seek
Author:  Maurice Pledger
Illustrations:  Maurice Pledger
Publisher:  Silver Dolphin Books
ISBN: 978626863446


Dottie the dolphin is playing hide-and-seek with her family. On her search she encounters many different types of sea creatures where she swims. She discovers a lionfish hiding behind a giant clam. She meets Ernie Eel and three little clown fish too. It wasn’t until Dottie saw the seahorses that she discovered where her family could be hiding and they helped show her the way.

Little readers will love this sturdy board book with its beautifully illustrated sea life. Young readers will find hidden creatures behind pieces that flip open and share information. Easy to read and follow, this handy tool is perfect for small hands. Parents can add this tool to their home libraries for easy reading anytime. This could also be a great story right before bedtime.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity