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Do you like ghosts, haunts and creepy places? Here is a guide that will send chills up your spin with real spooky places all over the globe.

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Scary Places: Creepy Stations
Dinah Williams

Stories of ghosts and hauntings have rumored around the world for centuries. Stories of sightings have been documented in photos and films for a long time. Young readers will learn about a few stories of ghosts from events that really happened in train stations and subways. There are eleven intriguing stories including President Lincoln’s body being carried by train to his hometown in Springfield, Illinois in 1865. Some say, even today, they can still see the train making stops. In Hanover, Kansas the Hollenberg Pony Express Station riders carried over 35,000 pieces of mail from Missouri to California. It is rumored phantom riders can still be seen and heard. The wreck of engine number nine that fell off the Bostian Bridge in 1891 killed twenty-two people and in 2010 added one more person to its list and injured another. The eleven stories found throughout these pages are guaranteed to excite, engage and chill readers of all ages.

Author Dinah Williams with the help of consultant Troy Taylor the President of the American Ghost Society have really done their homework. Readers will find old photos, and little boxes with snippets of facts. The back pages show a map of locations from around the world, a glossary and a link to learn more about scary places online. If you’re into ghosts this is a handy tool to have in your library.
BIBLIO: 2013, Bearport Publishing Company, Ages 9 to 12, $18.95.
REVIEWER: Kristi Bernard
FORMAT: Middle Grade
ISBN:  9781617727498