Children's Book Reviews: The Hunter's Promise

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A Native American tale that teaches young readers about trust and family.

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Title: The Hunter’s Promise
Author: Joseph Bruchac
Illustrations:  Bill Farnsworth
Publisher:  Wisdom Tales Press
ISBN:   9781937786434


“It’s long been understood among the Wabanaki, the people of the dawn land, that a bond exists between the hunter and these animals whose lives he must take for his people to survive. It is more than just the relationship between predator and prey.”

Many, many years ago there was a young hunter that would spend winters hunting. Every spring he would bring back dried meat and animal skins. One winter, while following moose tracks, he realized how lonely he was. It was then that his life changed. A women, Mikwalmi appeared. She cared for him and gave him sons. Each winter she made him promise not to forget her. Each spring the chief asked the hunter to marry his daughter. He declined. One spring the spoiled daughter cast magic and clouded the hunters mind. He married her and had forgotten his promise. What will become of Mikwalmi and her sons? Will he ever see them again?

Author Joseph Bruchac retells this traditional story about keeping a promise. Young readers will ponder this tale. Parents and teachers can open up dialogue about keeping promises. Soft colorful illustrations bring this wonderful story to life.