Children's Book Reviews: The Thunder Egg

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A heart waring tale of bravery and sacrifice to save a people.

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Title:  The Thunder Egg
Author: Tim J. Myers
Illustrations: Winfield Coleman
Publisher:  Wisdom Tales Press
ISBN:   9781937786397


A shy young girl called Stands-By-Herself, a Cheyenne, lived with her grandmother on the Great Plains. She was often teased by other children because she was so different. She liked to dream and gaze at the new moon. One day she found a large rock that looked like a giant egg. Her grandmother told her that it might have been laid by a Thunderbird, the rain bringer. The young girl cared for the large egg and even created a song for it.

The summer was hot and dry. Some people got sick and most were hungry and suffering because it hadn’t rained in a very long time. If the stories were true that a Thunderbird could bring rain, then Stands-By-Herself would have to sacrifice her egg. Is she brave enough and strong enough to save her people? Will the Thunderbird come?

Author Tim J. Myers has created a story that teaches bravery and sacrifice. Simple sentence structure and the soft tone of the story match the beautiful illustrations. The illustrations truly depict the simplicity of Native American living. Parents and teachers will love the underlying message and can discuss what life was like for these people long ago. This book features an Afterword by the author, informative Notes on the Illustrations, and a bibliography.