Grandma's Brown Cookies: Children's Book Review

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Title: Grandma’s Brown Cookies
Author: Ramona Thomas Nickens
Illustrations: Tammy Artis
Publisher:  Ramona Thomas Nickens
ISBN: 9781453802014


Kyndle isn’t feeling well. When his mother takes him to see Dr. Wizmagic, she mixes a stinky yellow, green and red mush and glops it in his ears. On the way home Kyndle and his mom stop by the store to pick up ingredients to make cookies. It’s then that he hears the items on the shelves whispering to him. By asking his mom a few questions together they pick the healthiest ingredients.

Author Ramona Thomas Nickens wants parents and children to eat healthy. Open up dialogue to discuss a healthy diet and bring about awareness to health problems that affect children. The back of the book has a recipe and glossary for kids. Making healthy snacks is a great start.