It's Okay to be Different Thorina-Bina: Book Review

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Title: It’s Okay to be Different Thorina-Bina
Author: Barbara S. Lougheed
Illustrations: Various
Publisher:  Barbara S. Lougheed
ISBN:  9780996580205


Thorina-Bina is a cute little kitten but she looks different from her sisters and mother. As the kittens grow their mother teaches them many things, like hiding, hunting, sounds and smells. Thorina-Bina was very sensitive and scared easily. She was teased by her sisters. She would run and hide in the forest. Thorina-Bina made lots of friends out on her own. She met Thomas, a gopher tortoise who lived on a sandy ridge, and Leonard Lizard and even a few raccoons.

Thorina-Bina made lots of friends who were different and started to feel not so alone. Her sensitivity to sounds and smells helped her save her family from a rattle snake. It was then she realized it was okay to be different.