The Code Switch: Book Review

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Title: The Code Switch
Author: Ramona T. Nickens & Yvetta Doll Franklin
Illustrations: Tammy Artis
Publisher:  Ramona T. Nickens
ISBN:  9781468089479


Definition: Code Switching
The ability to alternate between one or more languages or dialects. Also applies to formal and informal language.

Lavender and Keisha are best friends. They hang out a lot and help support each other with big school projects, like selling cookie dough to raise money for their school. They also participated in running for student council president. The girls are somewhat competitive but both are very smart. The differences between the girls is Lavender is a bit chubby but very articulate in her language skills. On the other hand, Keisha is petite and likes to use slang language to convey her message. Even still both girls show leaderships skills and are admired by their peers.

The conundrum happens when both girls are nominated for valedictorian. Will the girls continue to be supportive of each other or will their competitive claws shine through and their friendship be ripped to shreds?

Readers can use this situation as an example of the importance of language skills and communication.