Book Review of Northwood

Meet Cecilia Undergarment. A girl who lives in a house that looks like balloons and can talk to animals.

Title: Northwood
Author: Brian Falkner
Illustrations: Donovan Bixley
Publisher:  Capstone Young Readers
ISBN: 97816237008366


Cecilia Undergarment is a very special girl with a very special gift. Cecilia can talk to animals. For her, the girl who lives in a balloon shaped house, this is normal. But, she is very much aware that not everyone has this ability. She discovered that her grumpy neighbor, the Mayor Procter, was mistreating his dog Rocky. Cecilia made it her mission to rescue him. The Mayor is so upset that she has taken his dog he bulldozes the home with Cecilia and Rocky in it. Undenounced to him and her, the house was designed with a safety mechanism. Cecilia and Rocky were in the attic and literally floated away in a balloon. Unfortunately for the two castaways they landed in Northwood forest.

Northwood is known for folks going in but not coming out. It’s been said that trees are made of tar and black lions roam inside. Cecilia and Rocky find a few friends and learn Northwood is ruled by a greedy King named Harry. He was the only one who knew the way out of Northwood which is why he had access to pizza, electricity and even a television. Will Cecilia, Rock and the others find their own way home or will King Harry keep them trapped forever?

Author Brian Falkner has created a whimsical story readers will enjoy. This adventure will keep readers engaged as they weave their way through detailed imagery while they solve the mystery of Northwood. Parents and teachers will love sharing this story as a read-a-loud.