Children's Book Review of Book of Nature Poetry

Enjoy stunning photography from The National Geographic Society and some of the world's best poets found in these pages.

Title:  The Book of Nature Poetry
Edited by:  J. Patrick Lewis, former U.S. Children’s Poet Laureate
Photography: The National Geographic Society
Publisher:  The National Geographic Society
ISBN:  9781426320941


Nature is full of color and filled with so many wonderful creatures. The land, sea and sky are an important part of nature as well. Poetry put with astonishing images is why this book feels alive. Readers of all ages will feel the warmth and emotion throughout these pages. Poets like William Wordsworth, Emily Dickinson, Avis Harley, John Keats, Alice Schertle and so many more have contributed. Their words are focused on stellar photography from The National Geographic Society.

One example is a photo of clown fish with their orange and white bodies found dancing against a blue-green background. The words read, “The Clown fish is not an enemy of anemone; in fact, it is an anemone’s made, for which anemone stings its enemies. And that’s how friends are made,” by David Elliott.

These pages have titled sections showing nature, the sky, across land, in the sea, in the shade and so much more. Spectacular images will have every reader opening this book and sharing it many times over.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity