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Title: The Night the Lights Went Out on Christmas
Author: Ellis Paul
Illustrations: Scott Brundage
Publisher:  Albert Witman and Company
ISBN:  9780807545430


The Johnson’s loved showing off all of the Christmas decorations they’ve accumulated over the years. But, as the years went on the Christmas yard flair became a competition with their neighbors. Anywhere there was room, lights, snowmen, Wise men, and the like were added to what was now referred to as Christmas Block. Cars would venture by to gawk and stare at the spectacle. Christmas Block could even be seen from outer space it was so bright. It wasn’t until Missy Johnson climbed up onto the roof to place a star upon a tree and Jimmy Johnson switched a switch that the lights went out on Christmas Block. What do you suppose the Johnsons and the neighbors of Christmas Block got to see? Perhaps a natural and spectacular surprise.

Author and musician Ellis Paul along with illustrator Scott Brundage have created a delightful spin on Christmas d├ęcor. The lively illustrations highlight the displays and characters of this tale. Children and parents will love the smooth and rhythmic tone of this holiday story. This is a great read for anytime and especially fun for a beginner reader.