The Fly by Petr Horacek

The Fly is a great book for children. Big pictures and fun words will let kids see the life of a fly.

The Fly
Petr Horacek
BIBLIO: 2015, Candlewick Press, Ages 3 to 7, $14.99.
REVIEWER: Kristi Bernard
FORMAT: Picture Book
ISBN:  9780763674809

Flies are simple creatures who just want to eat, exercise and visit their favorite animals the cows. To a fly, a cow smells lovely. In this interesting tale readers get to see a fly from his very own perspective. He buzzes around a favorite light 156 times to get his exercise. This fly has an agenda. He doesn’t seem to understand why a little boy, the occupant of the house, wants to swat him with his giant blue swatter. Also on the flies agenda is having his meals on time. But of course, that seems to be a trying task as well.

Author Petr Horacek shares a creative story young readers will enjoy. Thick pages make for a sturdy read. Simplistic and colorful illustrations show readers the adventure that is this flies life. Some illustrations and sentencing are upside down giving the reader an idea of what a fly might see. It also makes reading the story more interactive. Some pages are even the shape of the giant fly swatter. Parents and teachers will love the idea of the story along with the simple sentence structure. This is a great tool for any beginner reader, as well as, a great read-aloud.