Book Review of Smithsonian Everything You Need To Know

The Smithsonian has a fun filled fact card set that will keep young learners engaged for hours!

Title: Everything You Need To Know for K-1
Author:  Ruth Strother
Illustrations: Jenna Riggs
Publisher: Silver Dolphin Books and Smithsonian
ISBN: 9781626863101


Fact cards are always handy to have around for quick reference and ease of learning. The Smithsonian has created a wonderful box with over 275 fact cards with 20 interesting categories. Curious learners can discover information about outer space, opposites, the five senses, money, inventors, and transportation to name of few. This great educational tool is specifically geared towards grades K-1.

Each card has a tab with its category, real photographs of images and colorful illustrations depicting the object or item for clear understanding and learning. The A to Z Fun Facts provide bits of information regarding holidays, quakes, geese, neighborhoods and unicycles to name a few. Young learners can read fun facts about the history and past of the United States. A picture of the American flag with its original 13 stars is here too. The Let’s Celebrate tab has information about New Year’s Eve, Martin Luther King Jr. day, Thanksgiving and even Kwanzaa. Another cool tab is the From Limb to Limb category. Readers will learn about the human head, ears, eyes, legs and toes too.

This handy portable tool would be a great addition to any home or school. There is just enough information on these cards to peak curiosity for further learning or as a quick reference to answer a basic question. Parents and teachers will approve and even enjoy this little box of facts. Colorful photography and vibrant illustrations make this a fun tool for children and adults.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity