Children's Book Review: A Wave Came Through Our Window

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Title: A Wave Came Through Our Window
Author: Zetta Elliott
Illustrations: Charity Russell
Publisher:  Rosetta Press
ISBN:  9781515033523


Do you ever wonder what other people do on a hot summer night? Two young girls don’t have to because their neighborhood always manages to make itself known. Sounds and scents are like a wave passing through their window. The girls are hot but one thing that can take their minds off of the unbearable heat and lack of a breeze is a wave of sandalwood and vanilla incense from neighbor Meore along with her soft chants. Mr. Berkowitz is listening to jazz and smoking a cigar. Mrs. Pinkett is frying stinky fish and the alley cats screech with hunger. What will it take to get these two girls to sleep? Perhaps a whispery tune from a flute.

Author Zetta Elliott puts an interesting spin on a city at night. This delightful story incorporates all five senses and shares diverse characters. This gem would be great as a bedtime story or a classroom read-a-loud. Simple sentence structure make this story an easy beginner read. Colorful illustrations truly depict the tone of the story. Parents and teachers will be able to open up dialogue with children about neighbors, smells and sounds where they live. This rhythmic tale is great for any library.

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