National Geographic Kids Brain Games

Learning about how the brain works can be a little difficult. Author Jennifer Swanson puts it all together and its fun! KBN is doing a book giveaway. For a chance to win remember to share, follow and leave a comment.

Title: Brain Games
Author: Jennifer Swanson and Hank Green


“Your brain is the most powerful and complex super computer ever built. It is the one thing that makes you, You!”

There are three main parts of the brain: the Cerebrum, the cerebellum, and the brainstem. The brain is the most important organ in the human body. It controls and serves commands throughout. Readers will learn how the brain turns senses into thoughts. Readers will learn sights and sounds are processed through the brains relay center. How does your brain store all of your memories? There is a three step process involving neurons as the brain is constantly making decisions. Do you want an orange or banana? Do you want ice cream or a cookie? Your brain is differentiating between your acquired knowledge. Your brain can then create a short cut which ultimately puts the brain on “autopilot”. Your brain can even get to a point where it makes things up.

Readers of all ages will be excited to learn about how the brain works. If you’ve ever wondered how the brain makes your body move when you jump, swim, skateboard, or dance you can learn all about it here. Readers will find puzzles, challenges, colorful illustrations and real photos. The back of the book has brain maps, a glossary, and online resources. Readers can also watch television episodes of brain games on the National Geographic Channel. Parents and teachers can use this guide for teaching, talking and sharing learning about the human brain.