National Geographic Kids Edible Science

Edible Science has experiments that you can eat! This book is not just for foodies. Everyone can have fun cooking and learning how popcorn pops, why jello is giggly and so much more.

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Title: Edible Science
Author: Jodi Wheeler-Toppen and Carol Tennant
Publisher:  National Geographic Society
ISBN:  9781426321115


Did you know that there is a science to cooking? When it comes to mixing ingredients it isn’t always exact science is it?

This incredible edible guide for foodies will have young scientists making ice cream in a bag, ricotta cheese and even baked Alaska. While young readers are creating edibles they will also learn how these food items are processed through science. Readers will learn about mixing and un-mixing, emulsifying liquids, spreading solids and liquids and so much more.

There is a really cool section called Popcorn Blast. It involves a gas pressure explosion. The science part of cooking popcorn is the moister inside the tiny kernel. When the kernel gets hot in the pan the molecules inside move faster and farther apart. As a result the pressure building inside causes an explosion. Tasty popcorn that’s fluffy and white is the end result.

Engaging photos, diagrams and scientific facts will keep teens, casual cooks and anyone else wanting to learn more about the science of food engaged. Readers can utilize this tool to better understand how and why we prepare foods the way we do. Kids will have fun learning chemistry, biology, and simple life science. The back of the book has a glossary, a section on science standards and website links for further learning. Parents and teachers will approve of this great foodie tool.