Book Review of Witches Protection Program

Author Michael Phillip Cash has put a great spin on a witches tale.

Title: Witches protection Program
Author: Michael Phillip Cash
Publisher:  Indie Published
ISBN:  9781511411349


Wes Rockville comes from a long line of cops. Unfortunately for him he has had a few debacles which in his father’s eyes makes him a failure, and on top of that he is dyslexic. In an attempt at one more chance for his son to prove himself, Wes is assigned to a secret branch of the police that he never knew existed, The Witches Protection program. He’s also been given some very strange weaponry and an assignment to protect a girl. Basically, he is protecting a good witch from a bad witch. Good witches are called Davinas and bad witches are Willas.

The Pendragon Cosmetic Company is run by Bernadette Pendragon. This evil witch has designed a cosmetic cream that when applied will allow her to control the individual. Her plan is to take over the world. The witch under protection is Morgan who happens to be the heir and niece of Bernadette. Will Wes, Morgan and a few of their friends stop Bernadette’s master plan before the cream is distributed or will Wes fail and be thrown off the force?

Author Michael Phillip Cash has written a fun read for the witch enthusiast. This fast read is scary and funny all at the same time. Parents and teachers may enjoy sharing this as a read-a-loud.