Children's Book Review: I Love Snow

This delightful story of snow will make you want to go out and play.

Title: I Love Snow
Author: Zetta Elliott     
Illustrations: Purple Wong
Publisher:  Rosetta Press
ISBN:  9781514348475


Snow can be cold, wet and cause kids to miss out on school, especially when there is a whole bunch of it. But, in spite of that, some children don’t seem to mind. As a matter of fact, some children love the way the snow crunches when they walk, tickles their tongue and how it’s just sticky enough to make the perfect snowman. When the snow is blowing and blinding because there is a blizzard, some kids still love the snow.

Author Zetta Elliott has created a fun read-a-loud story. Young readers will giggle as words bounce and tumble from their tongues. Short sentences burst with energy and are perfect for beginner readers. Bouncing rhyme make the story engaging. Colorful illustrations depict a friendly neighborhood where diversity is represented. Parents and teachers will find this a delightful treat for any library.

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