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Patchwork Family
Felicia Law
BIBLIO: 2016, Norwood House Press, Ages 5 to 7, $22.60.
REVIEWER: Kristi Bernard
FORMAT: Children’s Picture Book
ISBN:  9781599537115

Little cousins are introduced with rhyming prose. Young readers will see that when cousins get together they are noisy when they play. Young readers will also enjoy seeing how dad likes to relax before he plays, and how grandma and grandpa dance the foxtrot, quickstep and samba. Aunt Sarah likes to bake and big brother is the best skateboarder around.

Parents, teachers and caregivers can use this tool to show how families could be. Colorful illustrations share the diversity found in various families. Bouncing rhyme livens up the story. This fun read also teaches concepts and readers will learn to recognize key words. Parents can interact with the child and ask them to put rhyming words with the pictures. The back of the book has a list of concept words found throughout the pages.

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