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Meet the "plant whisperer" from a long time ago!
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Title:  George Washington Carver
Publisher:   National Geographic Kids
ISBN:  9781426322853


George Washington Carver was the “plant whisperer” of his time. Why? Because he loved to study plants. He also discovered that the peanut plant was host to many tasty food items like peanut butter. He was born near Diamond, Missouri. George was also born a slave, which is why his last name was Carver. He took on his slave owners last name.

During his time the United States was a very different place than it is now. People traveled by foot, wagons and horses. Children went to school in one room schools houses and played outside with toys. George went to college and became the first black student at Iowa State College. He became a teacher and helped with sick plants. George invented things like paints, plastics and dyes.

Students, parents and teachers will love this fact filled story of the life of a man who loved plants and overcame many obstacles.

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