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National Geographic Kids has some great fun facts about not so nice bunnies!
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Title:  Rascally Rabbits
Publisher:   National Geographic Kids
ISBN:  9781426323089


We know that lions, tigers and bears are just a few of the animals that can behave badly, but what about bunnies? People have been taming rabbits for over 500 years. But, not all rabbits are friendly and cuddly. Rabbits can be anywhere from 3 pounds to 20 pounds in size which means they could pack a punch in order to protect themselves.

Rabbits can warn each other by thumping their feet. They can also see what’s behind them without turning their heads. If challenged rabbits will fight. For example, the story of Babbity and Flopsy, in this book, shares how these two foes fought by butting heads. Both animals soon acquired a mutual respect for one another.

Young readers can follow along and learn more about Babbity and Flopsy. This book is not without bears, dogs and even moose. There are loads of fun facts, fantastic photography and plenty of resources to learn more. Parents and teachers will want to add this treasure to any library.

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