Author Highlight: Robert Logan Rogers

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Rungle In The Jungle is a lively story of friendship and overcoming self doubt. Young readers will be entertained by the different animal personalities found within the pages. The illustrations are vibrant, energetic and full of life.  

Thanks so much Robert for sharing your wonderful story. 
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KBN: How do you promote literacy?
RLR: I go into schools and read my book.

KBN: Why did you choose to write this book? 
RLR: It came from telling stories to my children when they were growing up.

KBN: Will you be doing any book tours? 
RLR: I have done several and now my desire is to get into schools to read to the students.

KBN: What are your thoughts on the new technology for reading a book?
RLR: It is convenient but it does not replace having a book in your hand.

KBN: What advice do you have for parents on getting their kids’ reading? 
RLR: Read to them and with them using their ability to imagine.

KBN: Tell us about your book(s) and illustrations. 
RLR: My book is about a fun event created by jungle animals to run a race. A challenge to win is thwarted when an adversary appears boasting his win. The two main characters ignore the bragging and go on to win the race by having fun. The illustrations captivate the excitement and they help the reader visualize animals interacting.    

KBN: How long did it take you to get this idea to where it is now? 
RLR: 25 years

KBN: What will kids love most about your book(s)? 
RLR: The rhyming style I use is enjoyable in the song like quality of the meter.  

KBN: What will parents’ and teachers love most about your book(s)? 
RLR: The moral and positive conclusion that you are what you believe you can become.

KBN: What's your next project? 
RLR: I have written a sequel and I am just waiting for capital to fund the next book.

Title: Rungle In The Jungle
Author: Robert Logan Rogers
Illustrations: Rachel McCoy
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781490432526


Who do you think could win in a race with jungle animals? Could the winner be a tiger or spider? Perhaps, an elephant or a giraffe? What about a boar or even a snake?

Josh the jaguar had a big idea. He wanted to run a race and asked the other jungle animals to join in. Surprisingly, there were lots of participant in many various sizes. Jessica the giraffe stepped out of her bubble bath and a sunbathing elephant too. A gorilla weighing more than a ton, zebras, and a lion. But, the most interesting participant for this great race was a very crafty sake. He used fear to intimidate all the other animals, who then began to doubt their abilities. Timmy the tiger and Joshua the jaguar simply plugged their ears and thought positive thoughts. Who could win this race against such a long and slithery sneak?

Author Robert Logan Rogers and illustrator Rachel McCoy have created a unique story filled with fantastic and vibrant pictures of animals found in the jungle. The simple sentence structure is a great starter read for any beginner. The message readers will find is to be confident and to ignore negativity. Readers will be able to identify these animals and root for their favorite. Parents and teachers will approve of this fun read.