Book Giveaway: The Fox Forest Band

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A mysterious fog and a band in a forest make for a very interesting tale.

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Title: The Fox Forest Band
Author:  Lisa E. Lindman
Illustrations:  Chandra Wheeler
Publisher:  Hugo House Publications
ISBN:  97819364497988


Deep in an old beautiful forest were friendly happy animals. But there was also a thick fog generated by a wicked wizard that threatened the happy animals in their beautiful forest. An uneasy fear settled amongst the creatures and they didn’t know how they could keep the fog away. That is, until a fox came to the rescue. His plan was to put together a forest band so the music could thin the fog and defeat the wizard. But how could this group who didn’t normally play instruments win against the wizard and his wicked fog?

Author Lisa E. Lindman has created a delightful tale of friendship and comradery. Soft pastel water color images by illustrator Chandra Wheeler add harmony against the mystery and bring the story to life for young readers. The rhythmic rhyming words add just the right touch of fun and suspense. Simple sentence structure make this story a great read for any beginner. Parents, teachers and caregivers will enjoy it too.