Book Review: A Bedtime Prayer and Bedtime In The Meadow

It's a Tiger Tales Books Review!

Title: A Bedtime Prayer
Author: Misc Authors
Illustrator:Sanja Rescek
Publisher: Tiger Tales Books
ISBN: 9781589256064


Little ones can learn to be thankful and tell God in their prayers. Parents can teach and share with their toddlers these simple but meaningful prayers meant for bedtime, morning time, meal time and family time. Soft cuddly animals show children how they are thankful. Toddlers will learn to recognize familiar every day things. The illustrations are clear and simple with soft pastel colors which make the pictures warm and inviting to view. The soft rhyme and rhythm are soothing for little ears.

Thank You, God in heaven,
For all Your love and care.
Thank You for Your wisdom,
And the precious times we share.
You teach me to be kind,
To be patient, good and strong.
You guide me on the path
To know what's right from wrong.

This little treasure will encourage sound making with the repetition of word sounds which will get and keep a toddlers attention. Toddlers will learn to be interactive and overall enjoy their reading time with you.

Title: Bedtime in the Meadow
Author: Stephanie Shaw
Illustrator:Laura Watkins
Publisher: Tiger Tales Books
ISBN: 9781589256286


Where do sleepy animals go to rest in the meadow after a busy day? Beautiful butterflies sleep on brown cattail pillows, while Meadowlark birds rest on a branch of a willow. Dragonflies drift in maple leaf canoes while bees in their honey hive hum as they snooze.

Toddlers might be surprised as they learn how these little critters get ready for bed at night. They will learn that animals and insects have to wind down without potty breaks, snacks or chatting it up. They have to snuggle up and rest their weary heads for the night.

Dark swirls with brightly colored animals and insects represent what a sleepy meadow must be like. Soft rhyme sounds like a whisper as it rolls off the tongue. The subtle details of the meadow will have toddlers learning new objects, animals and insects each time the story is read. This is also a great story for bonding between parent and child.

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