Book Review: I Don't Want to go to bed!

Tiger Tales Books Presents:

A great story to convince your little readers that nothing much happens after they go to bed.

Most kids get a little restless and don't want to go to bed at night. During this time little ones think that there are lots of cool and interesting things that happen after they go to bed. But is that true?

Title: I Don't Want to go to Bed!
Author: Julie Sykes
Illustrator: Tim Warnes
Publisher: Tiger Tales Books
Ages: 3 to 7
ISBN: 9781589251489


Little tiger does not want to go to bed. Every night Mommy Tiger has to talk him down for the night. One night she says, “All right! You can stay up all night long.” Of course Little Tiger goes out to see what happens after bedtime. What he learns is that lots of animals are going to bed and want him to go away.

Little Tiger went to visit Little Elephant. “Why are you still up?” Trumpeted Mommy Elephant. “I don't want to go to bed!” said Little Tiger, and he bounced off before Mommy Elephant could put him to bed, too!

Not all animals are going to bed, some are just getting out and about. They don't want Little Tiger around either just in case Mommy Tiger tries to put them to bed. What will Little Tiger discover as the dark night settles in? You will have to read the story to see.

Parents and teachers will have fun sharing this story with little ones who find it hard to go to bed. The bright colorful pictures are a great tool for sharing animal types, colors, shapes and big bold words that make learning to read fun and easy. This story is also interactive as toddlers can repeat Little Tigers famous line. 

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