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Book Giveaway!Books for boys are always shared here at Kristi's Book Nook. Justin Flom has magic tricks, bullies and even some cool comical illustrations.

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Title: Adventures of a Kid Magician
Author: Justin Flom, Scott Flom & Judy Flom Hill
Illustrations:  Drew Blom
Publisher:  Magical Life, LLC
ISBN:  9780692512562


Zach Taylor was entering the sixth grade for the first time and a new school too. He had been homeschooled and thinks middle school is scary. He encounters a few students who like to pick at him, just a little. Billy Baxter, for example, loves to humiliate him in front of his fellow classmates. But, Zach wins him over with a magic trick involving electricity. Zach’s hilarious adventures have him crushing on girls, sharing his magic tricks, which by the way get him out of several pickles and even impress a few cute girls. Because of his success with magic Zach even manages to make some new friends.

Author Justin Flom based the main character from his magical adventures as a kid. Doodles or sketches with comical undertones bring the characters to life. Secret codes and questions about the chapters will keep readers engaged and having fun while reading. The back of the book introduces the AKM Box which kids can sign up to receive cool magic tricks along with instructions so kids can show off their magical skills. Middle graders can also learn more about Justin Flom’s magical life. Parents and teachers will approve. This is a great read for boys who wouldn’t normally pick up a book.

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