Book Review Reboot: The Coziest Place

Tiger Tales Books Presents:

A cozy bear story that all of the family can share together.

Title: The Coziest Place
Author: Jamie Michalak
Illustrator: Jon Davis
Publisher: Tiger Tales Books
Ages: 3 to 7
ISBN: 9781589251212


What do families do next when they come inside after a playful day out in the fluffy snow and whispy wind? They get cozy. A fuzzy bear family welcomes readers into their home.

Cozy is our little home -
full of love, no need to roam.
Feeling toasty, safe, and snug,
wrapped up in a big bear hug.

These little bears enjoy hot soup, sandwiches and hot chocolate topped with fluffy whipped cream. They read stories and play games in their wooly socks that mama knitted. And when its time to snuggle down they get bear kisses and hugs as the wind does a whistling whooo!

Soft and warm colors are just whats needed in these illustrations as young readers see and feel the warmth of this cozy home. Simple sentences make learning to read easy and fun. Parents and teachers can create activities by having little readers discuss what they would do on a cold winters day.

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