Can You Survive? Greek Mythology's Twelve Labors of Hercules

A great book for the reluctant reader.
A great adventure for boys.

Title: Can You Survive? Greek Mythology's Twelve Labors of Hercules
Author: Brandon Terrell
Illustrations: David Hemenway
Publisher: Lake 7 Creative, LLC
ISBN: 9780988366299


It's tough being a kids named Tyler at a school where the school bully is after you. You didn't mean to bump into him, you were just in a hurry to get to class. You don't have the skills or courage it would take to do battle with him. In your hiding spot located in the library you hear a strange noise and you notice a book titled Greek Mythology: the Twelve Labors of Hercules. Will you pick it up to read or not?

The reader is on page 9. If the story is to be continued then Tyler must go to page 34, otherwise continue to page 82. Let's say curiosity got the better of him. The book shakes and the pages flip and then darkness. Tyler is now Hercules whose mother is a mortal named Alcmene. His father is Zeus, King of the Gods. Hercules has traveled far to see the oracle Pythia. He fears his father's wife, the goddess Hera, because she keeps trying to kill him. Hercules wants to become immortal. The oracle sends him on a journey to Mycenae. Do you continue to read or not?

Author Brandon Terrell has adapted one of his favorite childhood stories into a Choose Your Path book. These already exciting stories now offer a fun way for readers to enjoy them all over again or for the first time. Readers are encouraged to make a decision as to which way they want to read the story and follow the adventure. Parents and teachers will love this storytelling method and can use it as a tool to get those kids who wouldn't normally pick up a book to actually have fun reading and enjoying the adventure.
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