The Treasure Chest - Crazy Horse Brave Warrior

Title: The Treasure Chest: Crazy Horse Brave Warrior
Author: Ann Hood
Illustrator: Denis Zilbur
Publisher: The Penguin GroupISBN:9780448457284


Felix and Maisie Robbins were twins. When their parents divorced they left with their mother to live with their Great-uncle Thorne and Great-Aunt Maisie. As they got settled in at Elm Medona, a seventy-room mansion in Rhode Island, they discovered a secret room called The Treasure Chest. The very interesting thing about this room is that there are objects that allow time travel back into history. So far, Felix and Maisie have traveled back and met Clara Barton, Alexander Hamilton and Pearl Buck. Now, they are ready for another great escapade. In this latest adventure the twins are finding that their new lives are proving to be somewhat of an adventure with their mother and her new boyfriend, their Great-aunt Maisie's supposed death, and their Great-Uncle who is grumpy but has a few surprises of his own. Distraught by all of the sudden changes with her parents love interests, her brother's new love interests, Maisie felt alone. While hiding out in the Treasure Chest room she was soon discovered by Felix. She held a red-tailed hawk feather in her hand, and longed for an escape to another time. Whispering the word “buffalo” Felix and Maisie were lifted and whisked away back into history. Upon their clumsy arrival they found themselves surrounded by buffalo. Across the prairie they saw dozens of Native Americans on horses. They all wore feathers and Felix knew that the feather he and Maisie carried belonged to one of them, it would be up to them to find out who and return it. Landing in the American West where white settlers were the enemy would make for a very interesting challenge. 

Hood has created another wonderful adventure for middle grade readers. The history and lifestyle of the American West during the time of the buffalo and Native Americans is brought to life with vivid details and imagery. Hood uses all five senses that put the reader right beside the characters. This latest edition is a quick and easy read any young adventurer would love.

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