National Geographic Kids 125 Wacky Roadside Attractions

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Are you ready to see pigs that swim? How about watching Darth Vader float away as a hot air balloon? This wacky guide won't disappoint. Kids will see and learn all about the wackiest places scattered around the world.

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Title:  125 Wacky Roadside Attractions
Publisher:   National Geographic Kids
ISBN:  9781426324079


When you put on your traveling hat for your next vacation you may want to stop and see some of the weird and wonderful landmarks that are scattered around the world. Turn off the video games and get ready for some great family fun.

National Geographic has a road map to guide you to some very wacky spots. Things you’ll want to see are found all over the world. The Happy Rizzi House can be found in Germany. It’s crazy-colorful, cartoon-clad cluster is supposedly one of the happiest places on earth. If you’re ever in Kingston, Australia you’ll want to meet Larry the Lobster. He is a 56-foot bright red lobster towering over a restaurant. If you venture to Dunseith, North Dakota you may want to see the 40-foot turtle made out of 2,000 tire rims. If you fancy dinosaurs, you’ll likely want to investigate the fossilized footsteps, dinos in the desert, and a boney museum located in the United States. There’s even a jungle of corn in New Jersey, a corn palace in South Dakota and a hair museum in Missouri.

When curious kids examine these unusual photos they won’t believe their eyes. This quick read with all of its short bursts of fun facts will keep kids busy for hours. Parents and teachers will more than likely enjoy this wacky guide as well.

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