National Geographic Kids Almanac 2017

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Title: Almanac 2017
Publisher: National Geographic
ISBN:  9781426324178


When you’re curious about everything then you need a book that has everything in it. The National Geographic Kids 2017 Almanac is a great tool for kids to learn and grow. These amazing chapters teach young readers about the world, amazing animals, awesome adventures, cultures, history and more.

A cool invention is the City Car. Its wheels can fold up making it even more compact than it already is. Biomes, or life zones, can be a forest, freshwater, marine, desert, grassland or tundra. Various animals live and thrive in these areas. Scientists have discovered a jungle secret. They’ve uncovered a hidden city near a temple called Angkor Wat. This temple is nearly 900 years old. Did you know you could find pink lakes in western Australia? Kids will learn that 12,000 years ago, the Sahara Desert had a wetter climate and was covered with forests.

There were a lot of daring women in U.S. History. Some of them include Dolley Madison, Bessie Coleman, Nellie Tayloe Ross, Sacagawea and even Lucille Ball. Their contributions to women and history should be celebrated. If kids are fascinated by the weather, they can learn how to make their very own barometer. They can also learn all about the different types of clouds and what they are called. The Super Science section teaches kids, in great detail, how life works.

This guide has fantastic photography, fun facts and even quizzes readers can take to see how much they’ve learned. Readers will even see some of the world’s wackiest houses. There’s even homework help here too. Parents and teachers will want this fun and educational read for the home or classroom library.

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