Natumi Takes The Lead

This wonderfully heartfelt true story about a little elephant who finds a new family.

Title: Natumi Takes The Lead
Publisher:   National Geographic
ISBN:  1426325614


Natumi, a baby elephant, and her family were enjoying the water hole in the Savanna when danger struck. Shots were fired and Natumi lost her mother. She ran until she was rescued by a farmer. She was taken to an orphanage where other baby elephants became her new family. Natumi and the others played in puddles and chased each other around. Like many youngster’s bedtime was a chore for the caretakers but the elephants were soon settled down with handmade blankets. As they grew Natumi seemed to take lead. During a stampede Natumi shined as the new leader with her stomping and raised ears, she helped the others get to safety. From there they all grew and thrived and soon were released back into the wild.

Beautiful photography and interesting fun facts make this exotic read about a little African elephant a fast read that will keep readers engaged. Maps and notes from the photographer provide readers with a well-rounded closer look at the story adding even more flare and human interest to this phenomenal National Geographic adventure.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity