Ocean Animals

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Wouldn't you like to know about who's who in the deep blue? Parents, teachers and kids all will love learning about our blue planet and the creatures that make up all of the life found in our oceans.

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Title: Ocean Animals
Publisher:   National Geographic Kids
ISBN:  9781426325069


What’s it like for animals who live in the ocean? How do sea creatures live and thrive in the oceans vast body of water? The Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic and Southern oceans account for some of the big blue bodies of water found around the world. There are three layers in the ocean that include the sunlight zone, the twilight and midnight zone. These various layers each have different types of creatures and plants that have learned to live with different temperatures and sunlight or no light.

Young readers will learn about the coral reefs and why they have such bright colors. Colorful photos show the animals that make their home here too. Sharks are always very cool to see and kids will learn about who eats whom. Some marine mammals live in the water but need to breathe air. Walruses, sea lions and otters are a few of these.

Fun facts, photos, animals and various machines that take humans into these deep waters are what kids will find here. The sailfish is the fastest fish, the blue whale is the biggest. Parents and teachers will love sharing and discussing the treasure trove of information about the world’s oceans. The back pages have a list of 20 ways we can all protect the oceans and a glossary.

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