The Angry Birds Movie

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National Geographic Presents The Angry Birds Movie: Red's Big Adventure.

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Title:  The Angry Birds Movie
Publisher:   National Geographic
ISBN:  9781426216848


If you’ve played the game Angry Birds then you are probably aware, as a result of their popularity, that they now have a movie. In this guide readers learn all about the world of Angry Birds, but that’s not all. With the help of National Geographic Kids, there are also tons of excellent photos that correspond to real islands, birds, other animals and places that are reminiscent of the Angry Birds movie. The book shares 4 levels to Angry Birds. Level 1 is Bird Island, Level 2 is Bird Village, Level 3 is The Search for Mighty Eagle, and Level 4 is Beyond the Island.

On Bird Island readers meet Red a frustrated angry bird, but kids will also learn about other islands. Readers will learn about birds like penguins, flamingos, ducks and their habitats alongside character birds from the movie. There are maps of pioneers and maps to the stars. Parents, teachers and caregivers will enjoy this guide just as much as the children. Colorful imagery gives insight to our world and the realm of the Angry Birds.

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