Weird But True Sports

If you're a sports fanatic or you just simple like to read about strange things this guide is for you.

Title: Weird but True
Publisher:   National Geographic Kids
ISBN:  9781426324673


“It is estimated that if the hot dogs eaten at Major League Baseball games each year were lined up, they would stretch as long as 7827 Empire State Buildings.” Weird but true.

National Geographic Kids Weird But True Sports has over 300 fun facts surrounding all things athletics. Each page is host to a plethora of interesting facts covering March Madness, jousters, parachutes, biking, hiking, hot air balloons and so much more. Some of these facts may seem a little strange like, “A San Antonio Spurs fan in China made a portrait of basketball player Boris Diaw out of 11,750 push pins. Football player Troy Polmalu’s hair was once insured for one million dollars. Crazy facts like these will keep readers engaged and intrigued. Sports fans of all ages will get a kick out the exciting photos found on every page. This guide would be great as a travel companion, home or school library.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity