A Hand To Hold

A story by author Zetta Elliott that shares love and independence.

Title: A Hand To Hold
Author: Zetta Elliot
Illustrations: Purple Wong
Publisher:  Rosetta Press
ISBN:  9781530033669


One little girl has always been loved. Most of her life she’d always had a hand to hold. She held her daddies hand after taking her first steps. His strong hands pushed her high in the sky on a swing. His gentle hands were there when she scraped her knee. But soon daddy would have to let go of her hand when it was time for school. What will happen to her now? Whose hand would she hold at school?

Author Zetta Elliott and illustrator Purple Wong have created a story where daddies rule. This adorable story of a little girl growing up under the protection of her father is a very nice way to show how not just moms but dads are prevalent in a child’s life. Delightful images show how a father provides protection and love to his child. We don’t often see fathers represented in stories for children, but this story needs to be shared because not all homes have an absent father. This is also a story of letting go and a child’s first day away from home whether it be going to a daycare or school. This story opens up an opportunity for parents to discuss with their child about learning independence. Parents and children will love this book for their home library. Teachers can use this guide to open a discussion with students to discuss family and life at home.