Extreme Wildfire

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Title:  Extreme Wildfire
Publisher: National Geographic Kids
ISBN:  9781426325304


Wildfires are notorious for burning during the summer months. We see this on the news every summer it seems. Photographer Mark Thiessen has been on the scene photographing the flames, firefighters and volunteers. He was able to be present during these disastrous events once he became certified as a wildland firefighter. He did this so he could better understand what firefighters go through and to share their stories. Thiessen has photographed dozens of wildfires over the past 20 years.

Amazing photos of fires blazing through forests and over grasslands is not all what readers will find. The fire triangle (heat, fuel and oxygen) are what’s needed to grow a fire. Readers will see bits of facts in colorful boxes throughout the pages. A history of fires and how firefighters prepare to tackle them is also here. Some firefighters jump from planes others camp out close to the burning area. Readers will even see the various types of planes that carry equipment, water and chemicals that will help extinguish these raging blazes. “Wildfires generally spread outward in a V-pattern. The point, or base, of the charred V-shaped landscape is a good place to search for the fire’s origin and cause. But no single clue is foolproof.

Children of all ages, parents and teachers will be able to open this book and learn about wildfires, how they burn, spreads and take over land and sometimes lives. Readers will see and feel the emotion of the firefighters and the devastation these fires cause. The back of the book has a glossary of terms, how to prepare an emergency kit for the home and resources for further reading and learning.

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