Book Review of No Place For Kids

How do two trouble underaged girls survive without parents? This gripping story will hook you to the end.

Title: No Place For Kids
Author: Alison Lohans
Illustrations: Alex Potemkin
Publisher:  Wandering Fox Books
ISBN:  9781772030174


Two sisters, Sarah and Jennifer, are moving from one place to another with their Dad and his friend Joe ever since their Mom passed away with cancer. The girls deal with hunger, old clothes and holey shoes because Dad is now a drunk without a job. As the girls peddle for cash from strangers they see a sibling rift coming between them. Their Dad is neglecting them and his new found buddies, one in particular named Wes, is looking at the girls in a way he shouldn’t. In order to try and save themselves they make their way to the streets.

The girls get to a bus station and with the help of a lady named Vi they head to an old familiar town called Brandon. On the way Jennifer gets sick with fever. The girls hide out at a local school. For them, it’s not fair that they didn’t have anyone to look after them. Did their Dad even realize they were missing? What would become of them now?

Author Alison Lohans shares a story for readers who can either relate to or become sorrowful for the main characters. Either way this story packs a punch and may need to be censored by a parent. This book has the Saskatchewan Book Award for Children’s Literature, Canadian Children’s Book Centre Our Choice selection and is a Resource Links Best Book.