How I Sent My Hug Around The World

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Title: How I Sent My Hug Around The World
Author: Donna Ellen Conrad
Illustrations:  Monez Gusmang
Publisher:  Hummingbird Book Press
ISBN:  9780985245719


When a tired mom comes home and gets splatted with spaghetti on her new hat a grumpy chain of events began. Ollie, the initiator of the spaghetti, grumps at his sister Tippie, who then grumps at dad, who then grumps at Sweetie the dog, who then barks at a skunk, who then sprays a cloud of skunk juice. It is then that two songbirds, caught in the smelly fog, fly across the globe spreading the grump.

“…over oceans, and mountains, and bridges, and castles on hills. And wherever they stopped, they still stunk from the skunk, which meant some bad-BAD-stinky-bad moods landed in a lot of places.”

Tippie had an idea to remedy the situation. She gave her mom a hug. Soon after there was ice cream with the family and petting was passed on to Sweetie, who then left a cookie for the skunk, who then listened to the song of the songbirds. And it was then that the songbirds flew across the skies singing their songs.

“The songbirds sang sunny songs across the skies – through clouds, and rains, and storms of sand, over deserts, and islands, and smiling giraffes.”

Author Donna Ellen Conrad has created a delightful conundrum with zippy rhyme that’s fun to read. Bright cheery pictures that help the story unfold shares with readers the many peoples, animals and even deities grumpy and happy. Parents and teachers can use this hilarious read as a guide to discuss how a bad mood can spread and how a hug and a smile can help people avoid a big crazy conundrum. Readers will enjoy seeing and identifying all of the cultures, and animals depicted in this tale.