Book Review of Buddy Bison's Yellowstone Adventure

Kids can follow Buddy Bison through Yellowstone Park. 

Title: Buddy Bison’s Yellowstone Adventure
Publisher: National Geographic Kids    
ISBN: 9781426322976


Gilbert Grosvenor, Chairman Emeritus, National Geographic Society has created a great adventure for young readers featuring Buddy Bison the mascot for the National Park Trust. The goal is to educate readers and encourages them to be conscientious park visitors and future park stewards. Colorful characters, Elena and Christopher, and incredible photos of Yellowstone National park are what readers will find here.

Readers can see Elena’s journal and examine Christopher’s picture. There is a study by Buddy, maps, a history of Yellowstone and tips for park preservation. If readers wanted to learn more there are plenty of resources.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity