Clark the Shark: Lost and Found

A Cybils Awards Nominee!

Title: Clark the Shark
Author:  Bruce Hale
Illustrations:  Guy Francis
Publisher:  Paw Prints
ISBN:  9781518211607


Clark the Shark’s class is going on a field trip to the farmer’s market. The teacher provides a list of important rules to follow on their outing. Unfortunately, Clark was not listening, but instead played around with a buddy. At the market, Clark over indulged in free snacks, danced and knocked things over. He got lost and separated from his class and his buddy. How will Clark get back to his class and most importantly will he learn a lesson?

Author Bruce Hale has created an important storyline for beginner readers. This story isn’t preachy but gets kids to understand the importance of paying attention, listening and following instructions. It also speaks about what can happen if kids don’t listen and follow the rules. Illustrator Guy Francis has brought so much color and life to the pictures and characters. He has also created individuality with each character’s expressions. Parents and teachers can use this guide to teach following the rules and listening skills. This guide can also open dialogue about what could happen if a child gets lost. Parents and teachers can discuss a plan of action.