Duck, Duck, Porcupine!

A Cybils Awards Nominee!

Title: Duck, Duck, Porcupine!
Author:  Salina Yoon
Illustrations:  Coleen Andrews
Publisher:  Bloomsbury
ISBN: 9781619637238


Duck, Duck, Porcupine are friends who do lots of fun things together. They plan a picnic but the rain turns their picnic into a puddle splashing event. When Porcupine’s birthday finally arrived, Big Duck had trouble remembering. The three planned a camping trip and Big Duck brought everything including the kitchen sink. Little Duck knew that a camp fire and marshmallows were all they needed.

Young readers will easily recognize the easy words in all three stories. Parents and teachers can have students create the basic structure of the characters as an activity. This book can also be used to open dialogue discussing each of the events in the stories. Colorful illustrations make the story fun and inviting.