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The Rule of Thoughts
James Dashner
BIBLIO: 2014, Ember, Ages 12-18, $9.99.
FORMAT: Young Adult
ISBN:  9780385741422

In the sequel to Eye of the Minds readers join Michael, an artificial intelligence being, who is now transferred or transformed into a human being. This happened through the VirtNet and the Mortality Doctrine program. When this happens it means an actual person has died so that Michael could become. He is now Jackson Ponter but in his mind he is still just Michael. The dilemma for Michael is whether or not Jackson is gone forever or is this just temporary. His new self has been created from the direction of Kaine, a non-human program that has become sentient. He needs to come up with a plan and he realizes there may be help from two human friends Sarah and Bryson, that he met in the Sleep, a virtual world where you can be whomever you want. Unfortunately, Michael had never met them in the Wake. Kaine was after him and he had to be steps ahead so he wouldn’t get caught. On the way to see Sarah he had a strange encounter with a woman on the train. She informed him he had three days before he would be Jackson permanently and that meant he could still save him. But first he had to figure out what Kaine’s ultimate goal was and was Kaine in human form or still a Tangent existing in code.

Author James Dashner is best known for his Maze Runner series. But he has managed to create a new futuristic series young readers can escape into. This fast paced read is engaging and suspenseful. The action of the main character being on the run is exhilarating and readers will root for the good guy. This novel would make a great read-a-loud in a classroom environment. This is also a great read for the boy who wouldn’t normally pick up a book.