National Geographic Kids Famous Fails!

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Some things are worthy of practice until perfection, while others not so much. National Geographic Kids has put together a fun guide full of mistakes, mishaps and successes.

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Title:  National Geographic Kids Famous Fails!
Author: Crispin Boyer
Publisher: National Geographic
ISBN:  9781426325489


Making a mistake is how we learn. We can always pull up our boot straps and try it again. After all, practice makes perfect! In the 1970’s Henry Smolinski took it upon himself to put airplane wings on a Ford Pinto. It was a big idea and a big mistake. It cost him and a friend their lives. In the 1960’s director Mike Todd, Jr., introduced Smell-o-Vision. He wanted movie goers to experience various smells while watching a movie. Technical glitches ruined its reception with critics and audiences. One of the greatest blunders in product history is when Coca-Cola decided to change their formula for its popular drink. Other famous fails are bacon cooked in a toaster, fortune cookies for dogs, and chocolate covered French fries.

Not all mistakes are bad or end in doom and gloom. Some famous fails turned out to be happy accidents. In 1905 Frank Epperson left a favorite soda in a cup overnight outside. It froze and, as a result, the popsicle was invented. Percy Spencer was experimenting with a microwave and popcorn kernels. He invented a two-for-one in a conventional oven and microwave popcorn. Readers will discover a plethora of mistakes in sports, musicals, historical events, animals and so much more. Fun facts in bright yellow squares and circles hilariously tagged It Could Be Worse and Lesson Learned provide insight on the topic at hand. Silly Mash-ups like Rock + Dog = Pet Rock are insightful and fun.  There are plenty of photos that show the good and bad points of these famous fails. Everyone in the family will enjoy and be inspired by this guide.

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