We Are Growing!

A Cybils Awards Nominee!

Title: We Are Growing!
Author:  Laurie Keller
Illustrations:  Mo Willems
Publisher:  Hyperion Books for Children
ISBN:  9781484726358


Elephant and Piggie are reading. The story is literally about grass growing. This hilarious read with its green and yellow hues depict grass in a way we’ve not seen before. Large word bursts share lots of adjectives honing in on the individuality of each blade. Readers will see how the blades of grass express their differences. Some are curly, crunchy, tasty and even silly. There’s even a dandelion in the bunch. The story points out one blade of grass who doesn’t quite know how to describe himself.

Author Laurie Keller along with illustrations by Mo Willems have created a funny easy read that parents and teachers can use to discuss growth with children and how they change and become the person they can be. This can also start a discussion on how kids see themselves and what adjectives they can use.