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Paula Weston
BIBLIO: 2016, Tundra Books, Ages 12 to 18, $9.99.
REVIEWER: Kristi Bernard
FORMAT: Young Adult
ISBN: 9781770498488

The Rephaim are a society of half-angle and half human. Gaby who thought she was nineteen found out that she is one of them and she is one-hundred and thirty-nine years old instead. Her saga continues after a battle and Rafa was taken. The Sanctuary which is the home of the Rephaim is where they know they must form an allegiance with the Outcasts. Although, there are still secrets, Gaby slowly discovers more about her past. For now, they must focus on rescuing Rafa and Taya who have been kidnapped. Raphael has put them in an iron room at a farmland. Because of the iron no one can shift in or out. There are also too many demons for them to take on. With Gaby, Nathaniel and his followers they are the only hope for rescuing Rafa and Taya. And although Gaby is now with Jude, her twin brother, there is still a huge gap between them because of their memory loss. For now, the Outcasts and Rephaim need to stay civil and stop the arguing and bickering long enough to come up with a plan.

In this third book of the series readers will find a strengthening of old characters and some secrets revealed. There are also new and exciting characters that add to the plot twists. Author Paula Weston’s writing is spell bounding and engaging with a cliffhanger that will have readers longing for the next installment. Teens will find that they will have a love hate relationship with the characters in this fast paced read.

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