Potatoes at Turtle Rock

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Title: Potatoes at Turtle Rock
Author:  Susan Schnur and Anna Schnur-Fishman
Illustrations: Alex Steele-Morgan
Publisher: Kar-Ben Publishing
ISBN: 9781467793230


Annie, her brother Lincoln and her parents are all on a walk through the woods to celebrate Hanukkah. Ubi, their goat, wants to tag along. Annie has their celebration all mapped out and she even has a few riddles and surprises to make the celebration perfect. The plan is to stop at the Old Log, then to Squeezy Cave and end up at Turtle Rock. At each stop, there is a riddle and a surprise package revealed. The family discuss their fears, family history, sing songs and celebrate Hanukkah.

Authors Susan and Ann Schnur have created a lovely read for beginners that celebrates Hanukkah. Easy to read sentences with colorful illustrations set the stage for a fun family read-a-loud.