The Book of Heroes: Tales of History's Most Daring Dudes

Everyone will enjoy everyday heroes from the past and present.

Title:  National Geographic Kids: The Book of Heroes
Author: Crispin Boyer
Publisher: National Geographic
ISBN:  9781426325533


President Barack Obama is the first black president and a history maker in his own right. His charm, courage and humility put him in the limelight with others like Abraham Lincoln, Bill Gates, Alexander the Great and Sitting Bull. Heroes come in many forms. Russell Simmons started Rush Communications, one of the largest black owned media companies in the United States and with his Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation he brings music education to disadvantaged kids. Pancho Villa, Wyatt Earp and Samuel Bellamy fought the good fight like Robin Hood. There are heroes who fight to save communities like police officers, military personnel and firefighters. Sports legend Jesse Owens proved to Hilter’s Nazi party that he was superior rather than inferior. Neil Armstrong, the original moon walker, showed the world that man can fly to the moon. A man of peace, Dr. Martin Luther King proved time and again that protests can be about truth and justice without violence.  Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin were not just men before their time but questioned the laws of physics and human behavior’s and environments.

Readers will find chapters covering Leading Men, Legendary Lads, Game Changers, Heroes for Hire, Peace Heroes, Action Heroes, Inspiring Minds and Outstanding Animals. Men and boys can be heroes too and there are plenty of them found right on these pages. These men have done more than step up to the plate they have challenged, fought and won for the greater good of everyone. Each of these men started out as ordinary but ended up becoming extraordinary.  Colorful artwork and beautiful photography put these heroes front and center. This guide also has fun facts in Moment of Bravery and even points out some Gutsy Gals. Parents, teachers and young readers will be amazed at all they will learn and hopefully all will be inspired to become a hero.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity