Animal Adventures - Sharks

Kids can create their very own world of sharks with this cool interactive kit!

Title:  Animal Adventures - Sharks
Author: Cynthia Stierle
Publisher: Silver Dolphin
ISBN:  9781626864870


Animal Adventures invites kids into the world of sharks. They can use their imaginations to create their own underwater adventures with this cool kit that has various types of sharks in a puzzle format they can assemble themselves. The inside of the box has an underwater scene along with a cardboard scene with coral reefs, plant life and even starfish to bring it to life. To enhance the scene this kit has shark pictures on removable stickers so they can be placed anywhere and everywhere making this underwater adventure fun and interactive. An additional set of 6 plastic sharks are here too. Playing cards share fun facts about sharks for quick reference. The 40-page book educates readers about a shark’s teeth, what they eat, what creatures hang around them and the various families of sharks. Parents and teachers can invite kids into the world of sharks with this fun and very interactive set.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity