10 Not So Snoozing Monsters

How can anyone get 10 monsters to go to bed and then off to sleep?

Title: 10 Not So Snoozing Monsters
Author:  Traci Osborn
Illustrations:  Traci Osborn
Publisher:  Flint Hills Publishing
ISBN:  9781537782553


Parents know that getting their children to bed and to sleep can sometimes be very tricky. For these 10 monsters, being active during the day also means being active at night, even after their mom tells them all good night. Before bed the monsters brush their teeth and gargle while others floss and cross while waiting to go potty. In the bathtub, monsters flip and drip. Instead of going to sleep 10 monsters jump, creep, peep and shriek. Some even scoot and accidentally on purpose toot. Will these monsters eventually wear themselves out? You’ll have to read this tale to find out.

Author Traci Osborn has devised a fun story for kids who love to count. This rhyming adventure shows colorfully illustrated monsters doing hilarious things. Parents and teachers can use this tool to teach counting and reading with these simple easy to read sentences. Comparing actions of the monsters will make reading helpful to beginning readers.