Heavy Sketches

Doodles and drawings are a great way to share thoughts and emotions. Author and artist Red Rohl does just that in this hilarious guide into his mind and life.


Title: Heavy Sketches
Author: Red Rohl
Illustrations: Red Rohl
Publisher: Lunazul Publishing
ISBN:  9780996561105


Readers be warned. Tread lightly whilst flipping through these pages. Scary zombies, things hiding in beards, strange things in cans, monsters, Vikings and holes in the sky just may blow your mind!

Red had trouble keeping focused, he even admits to it. He was sidetracked with The Snowmen vs The Gingerbread men which stemmed from time spent at his grandparents’ house in the mountains. A recurring dream from when he was 7 brought out the creations of various types of octopi. A Grendel, red apple goblins, dragons and even a situation in algebra class that resulted in Red being spanked at his Catholic school can be found here. If you’ve every worried and wondered about the wellbeing of the planet with regards to pollution you’re not alone. Red covers this subject too. Are you a victim of pimples? Red shares some really disgusting but hilarious sketches of pimples as living creatures. He shows his “Master of Skills” with the Maze of the Minotaur, Lettering and even Faces.

Readers are invited into the mind of author and artist Red Rohl. Facts and fiction along with personal insights, experiences and all out wacky spoofs are presented in drawings, and doodle form will occupy and capture your attention. Readers will be engaged as they learn about how Red got started and why he sketched and wrote about these zany characters that cover the pages. Reds curiosities, questions, fears and all things that made him laugh are here. This book feels and reads more like a memoir than a graphic novel. Kids who read for fun or even artists who can relate to what doodling can mean to them will love Heavy Sketches. Parents and teachers can use this guide as a way to get those non-readers to actually want to read. This is also a way for parents and teachers to have insight on those kids that doodle and look at it as a way they may communicate and express their emotions.

Note: Red has stated that he wants to be able to donate Heavy Sketches to schools and after school programs. He is currently working on activity sheets for the teachers to support the use of the book in their classrooms. He is also sponsoring art and literacy contests to get kids involved.